Building and Development

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COVID-19 NOTICE: Effective November 12, 2020 the province of Manitoba will be moved to Code Red/Critical on the Pandemic Response System. Please view: The Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet Planning District Code Red Service Update. 


The RM and Town of Lac du Bonnet do not allow Garages/Accessory Buildings or Travel Trailer on vacant land until the primary building has been erected. Travel Trailers must be in a permitted trailer park. Please remember when purchasing property, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the existing buildings and or use of the property is in compliance with all Municipal By-Laws a zoning memorandum is recommended.

All structures over 106 sq. ft. require a building permit and structures under 106 sq. ft. require a locate permit. We encourage you to submit your application well in advance of your project start date. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days from the date all information is submitted to be issued a building permit. Processing times will be dependent on the complexity of your application and the total number of applications received. Applications for projects that are submitted in the busy construction season (April to September) may take longer to process.

If construction has not started within 6 months of the date of issuance, the building permit is NULL and VOID. A new permit must be issued. The permit is also NULL and VOID if the authorized work is suspended for 6 months.

Permits issued and priced as per The Rural Municipal of Lac du Bonnet Building By-Law and The Town of Lac du Bonnet Building By-Law which can be found below or at our office.

R.M. of Lac du Bonnet Building By-Law  Town of Lac du Bonnet Building By-law


Work that is done without a permit may not meet the minimum Building Code requirements and could result in substandard construction that may not be structurally adequate. This could lead to costly repairs to correct the problem or even a complete failure of the construction. Remedial action will be required to bring the building to current code as well as fines and penalties and/or legal action may be taken.



  • Part 9 - New Residential or Commercial Building and Additions (Single Family Dwellings, Two Family Dwellings, Buildings 3 Stories or Less, Buildings Less Than 6458sq’) 
  • Part 3 - New Residential or Commercial Building and Additions
  • Mobile Home 
  • Interior Renovation and Basement Development 
  • Plumbing Permits 
  • Accessory Building/Structure over 592sq’ (Garage, workshop, etc.) 
  • Accessory Building/Structure 107sq’ to 591sq’ (Shed, Gazebo, etc.) 
  • Farm Building 
  • Deck 
  • Pools & Hot Tubs 
  • Fences 
  • Demolition/Removal Permit 
  • Temporary Building /Structure Permit 
  • Locate Permit (Sign, towers, building/structure 106sq’ or less, docks, etc.) 
  • Other Additional Permit Requirements That May Be Required.

For a printable permit application:  Click Here


All required Inspections are listed at the bottom of each permit issued by the Lac du Bonnet Planning District. It is ultimately the OWNER’S RESPONSIBILITY to have all required inspection done. The owner, authorized agent, or general contractor must book an inspection at each stage listed on the bottom of the permit. Inspections can be schedule by calling or texting the Building Inspector at 204-345-3701 or email at Please leave a message with your name, address of inspection, time and date of inspection request, and a call back number. If there is no answer or call back NO INSPECTION WILL BE SCHEDULED. A minimum of 48 Hours is requested for all inspections as there is only one inspector for the district. Inspections will be performed during the regular hours of:

Monday – Friday 9:00am-5:30pm (September to June) 

Monday – Friday 8:00am-4:30pm (July & August)

Not Including Statutory Holidays

Failure to call for an inspection is subject to fines and penalties in accordance with the building by-law, and/or remedial actions to correct as required by the building.

Inspection fees not included in permit fee.

  • Additional Inspections, above the allotted number of inspections included on the bottom of the permit. If the work is not complete when inspector was asked for or if fails inspection a re-inspection will be required. The fee for re-inspection during regular hours - $50 per site visit.
  • Inspections requested after regular hours - $100/per hour or part thereof plus applicable mileage.
  • Inspection requested where no development or building permit issued during regular hours - $75/per hour or part thereof.

All inspections outside the Municipality during regular hours will be charged a fee of $75/per hour plus applicable mileage.

Typical Required Inspections Stages:

  1. Site Inspection – Prior to digging, property lines must be marked in a visible manner as well as location of the building and excavation.
  2. Foundation Footing / Piles – Prior to pouring, forms and steel must be in place.
  3. Foundation Walls / Garage Slab – Prior to pouring, forms and steel must be in place.
  4. Weeping Tile and Damp proofing – Prior to back-filling.
  5. Framing – When roof and framing are complete, windows and door have been installed.
  6. Plumbing – When all rough in plumbing must be complete including basement floor.
  7. Vapor Barrier – When all the insulation and vapor barrier is in place and sealed.
  8. Final Inspection – When the building is 100% complete and prior to occupancy.