Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

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Council Meetings 

Council meetings are held twice a month, unless otherwise posted.

  • The first Council meeting of each month begins at 4 p.m. Committee of the Whole meetings begin at 3 p.m. prior to the first Council meeting of the month (unless otherwise posted). 
  • The second Council meeting of each month begins at 3 p.m. Public Works Committee meetings begin at 2 p.m. prior to the second Council meeting of the month (unless otherwise posted).

All meetings are held in the Council Chambers. 

To see the Scheduled Council Meeting Dates please see the Upcoming Events Calendar.

Joining and watching meetings

To watch meetings in real time, please join via the Zoom links below:

March 28, 2023: Public Works Committee Meeting:

March 28, 2023: Regular Council Meeting:

April 11, 2023: Financial Plan Public Hearing:

April 11, 2023: Committee of the Whole:

April 11, 2023: Regular Council Meeting:

April 25, 2023: Public Works Committee Meeting:

April 25, 2023: Regular Council Meeting:

April 26, 2023: Variation & Conditional Use Public Hearing:

To watch videos of past meetings, please see our Meeting Videos page.

Committee of the Whole - Question Period 

Council of the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet, in its Council Procedures By-Law, provides an open question period for members of the public to ask a question at the end of a meeting of the Committee of the Whole. Time permitting, members of the public can ask brief questions of Council regarding items contained in the agenda of the committee meeting. 

These sessions will be guided by the following principles: 

  1. The questioner is required to identify themselves and their question; which will be recorded in the minutes.
  2. The questioner is required to address their question to the Chair and adhere to all directions of the Chair.
  3. The questioner is required to comply with Section 19 of the Council Procedures By-Law No. 10-22, remaining respectful to all while in Council Chambers.
  4. Questions are limited to one per person for a maximum of five (5) minutes per individual, time permitting. Time permitting additional questions may be granted.
  5. Council may determine that a question is too lengthy or unanswerable at the time and will direct the questioner to submit their question in writing. 

For More information regarding Council procedures please see: Council Procedures By-Law No. 10-22.

2023 Schedule Council Meeting Dates

To view the upcoming Council Meeting dates please see: Upcoming Events 

Public Works Committee Meeting Minutes