Brookfield Water Utility

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The RM of Lac du Bonnet owns and operates the Brookfield Water Utility which services 38 metered, local customers and services 39 customers of the Awanipark Water Utility in the Local Government District of Pinawa.

The Brookfield Water Utility purchases treated water from the Whitemouth Utility, which is owned and operated by the RM of Whitemouth.

The water lines and pumping station were completed in 2019 and the RM began providing treated water that same year.

Connection information:

No property owner shall connect to the Brookfield Water Utility  without first obtaining a permit from the RM. The cost of the permit is $500 and is due immediately upon application for the permit and is non-refundable. 

Applicant must pay the $15,000 connection fee (subject to revision from time to time) plus 100 per cent of all costs pertaining to the installation of the water line from the water main to the applicant's building/ structure. The fee shall be payable to the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet and shall be paid at the time the application is submitted.

The property owner shall pay the full cost of providing, installing, and connecting to the municipal water system including any portion of the connecting waterline that is not on the property owner's property. The Property owner shall acquire a contractor  to complete these works.

Connection from the meter to the customer's plumbing system is the customer s responsibility. The installation procedures shall be approved by an authorized representative of the RM.

See the Brookfield Water Utility Line Connection policy below for more information. 

Brookfield Water Utility resources: