Municipal Amalgamation Survey

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Council of the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet has, for a number of years, expressed the view that an amalgamation of the RM and the Town of Lac du Bonnet has the potential to provide operational efficiencies, improved services, and economic benefits that would enhance the delivery of municipal services to the ratepayers of the amalgamated municipality. 

RM Council views amalgamation as the future of local government in general, and as a logical endeavour in light of the RM and Town’s many shared services, interests, and jointly-funded programs.  

Examples of potential benefits of amalgamation include: 

  • consolidation of administration offices,  
  • expansion of the tax base that would be useful when the need for borrowing arises, 
  • efficiencies borne out of having a singular Public Works department, such as the shared use, maintenance, and replacement of equipment and allocation of staff 
  • replacing the need for the variety of inter-municipal project agreements that are costly to plan and manage.

Over the past number of months, Reeve Loren Schinkel and RM Councillors have had numerous informal discussions with residents of both the RM and Town who are interested in and see a need for amalgamation. Council members have been approached in person when out and about in the community and have received many phone calls as well. 

RM Council recognizes that an amalgamation initiative ideally should be a joint endeavor with the Town of Lac du Bonnet Council. RM Council has initiated discussions with the Town Council and administration in this regard.  

Consultation with, and input from, local residents is key when examining the topic of amalgamation. In this regard, Council recently directed the RM’s CAO to use his team to develop a survey with the intent of determining if the region’s residents are interested in having Council examine amalgamation further. 

Amalgamation FAQ

For more information regarding amalgamation please see our frequently asked questions page here:

Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet Amalgamation Survey

Respondents may participate in the survey: 

  • Online on SurveyMonkey by following the link:
  • by printing off a PDF survey and mailing the completed survey to Box 100, Lac du Bonnet, MB, R0E 1A0,
  • or by printing off a PDF survey and dropping off the completed survey at the RM Administration Office’s drop-box.


All residents of the RM and Town of Lac du Bonnet, 18 years or older, are eligible to participate in the survey. Surveys must be completed and submitted by March 19, 2021 in order to be included in the Amalgamation study report.

The results of this survey will be shared by RM Council with the public and with Town Council. If the survey results indicate support for the commencement of an amalgamation study, the RM of Lac du Bonnet will move to the next step of the process and, in consultation with the Town, will create a detailed strategy regarding the activities required to address and study the issues noted above. 

We thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey and look forward to receiving your response.